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 [WTS]Philips Sold Here

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PostSubject: [WTS]Philips Sold Here   Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:29 pm

Philips automotive lighting (Performance bulb)

Automotive lighting helps drivers and pedestrians to see clearly while on the road.

Philips Lighting solutions for automotives are designed principally to promote road safety and driver comfort. Along with headlights, our product range includes lighting solutions for brake lights, turn signals, parking lights, and dashboards as well as an array of interior lights.
Whether you are driving in broad daylight, at night or under extreme weather conditions, there is always an automotive lighting solution that will best suit your needs.

The market trend for automotive lighting is always on the move with the latest technological breakthroughs. Drivers understand more clearly about the relationship of good lighting to the safety and comfort of driving. There are diverse lighting needs at different times, on different roads and under different weather conditions. Other than pure functional usage, certain drivers consider lighting as part of self-representation reflecting their unique style and personality.

To accommodate all these different requirements, there are many ongoing projects to provide innovative lighting solutions for various performance upgrades. The aspects of innovations mainly focus on 3 areas: 1) develop innovative solutions with new technology, 2) maximize existing technology for better performance and 3) improve the styling and fashion of existing products.

With all the attempts to achieve better performance, we offer drivers numerous options of lighting upgrades.

For your car
Xenon HID bulbs
Xenon HID upgrade conversion kit
BlueVision (4000k)
CrystalVision (4300k)
DiamondVision (5000k)
Xtreme +80%

PHILIPS X-tremePower +80% light - 25m longer beam
[spoiler]PHILIPS X-treme POWER +80% light 25m longer beam

Introducing the new world champion in high performance headlamp upgrades. Philips X-treme Power bulbs deliver up to an astounding 80% more light than standard halogens, yet they're fully road legal and come with the same quality and performance put into the lighting Philips sell to OEMs around the world. X-treme Power is a new 'must-have' for tuners and high performance drivers.


* These bulbs use a Xenon gas filling to increase the light output while being 100% legal and safe to use without any wiring upgrades.
* Ultra-Violet Cut glass, providing protection for Plastic Headlight lenses.
* Up to 80% more light on the road and 25m longer beam than original bulbs makes X-tremePower the best choice for upgrade vehicle lighting.
* X-treme Power (Extreme) is a new 'must have' for motoring enthusiasts and high performance drivers providing a crisp, xenon light.
* X-treme Power by Philips is the new champion in headlamp upgrades, they are fully legal and are made to original equipment manufactuer high standards meaning you get quality bulbs!
* Original equipment quality and fully compliant with R37 requirement.

* Compact filament - new design for the best lighting performance
* Chromium top - for perfect match in the car headlamp
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[WTS]Philips Sold Here
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