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 Mythelogy Dampened Light Crank Pulley

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PostSubject: Mythelogy Dampened Light Crank Pulley   Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:32 pm

Hey guys, i am sure most of you would have heard about this product which is also available for the Campro engines.

I have read reviews by other Campro users who have installed this product and have high praises for it.

It seems to be able to increase low-end pickup and fc for the car!

I am very interested in installing this at Automotive Genesis who are very active in ZTH and other forums.

Anyway, was wondering if any of you are interested in this product or have already installed it. Probably, we could visit the shop together and gather more input on this. What you all think?!

However, my main concern now is....will my car warranty void?! My car is only 1 year old la....still got another year of warranty left!

Anyone who got more knowledge in this product or can share more...pls pls share! Seriously keen on installing this la! Razz
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Mythelogy Dampened Light Crank Pulley
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