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 Service your car

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PostSubject: Service your car   Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:23 pm

Does anyone of you know how much for basic service, major service?

What do u need to change for basic service, major service,mut?

What are the price for wear/tear parts such as belts?

We can share the info here so that we don't kena tipu with service center. Oso we can comprare the price.. if cheap then go that shop laa..

Last time i kena around RM400 for major service just change spark plugs,engine oil, radiator flush, oil filter, air filter dem.. i do it at proton edar service center.. they have already offer me the package for major service.. i think if i diy wont cost that much...

it semms that our belt quite expensive haha so need to prepare money for that.

If anyone of u got the particulars of service.. what to change ka apa ka.. the i can diy easily ahah... so can save money then can buy nice rims ahah..
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PostSubject: Re: Service your car   Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:41 am

we can DIY that all stuff.. no need go SC...
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PostSubject: Re: Service your car   Mon Apr 09, 2007 6:35 pm

Haha! It is true that we can DIY most stuff. However, it is very tedious and troublesome. Easier to send the car to SC with all the tools there! haha! You pay not to sweat and get yer hands dirty ma! haha! However, major servicing and all...hard to DIY la! No proper tools! Also, yer car under warranty...better send to SC in case! Razz

In KL...was told that it is always best to send to Glenmarie! Best service there!

However, I am sending my car to SC in Sri Petaling. Someone asked for recommendations in WPC forum and some of them recommended this place. So i send my car there lor! They are ok la! However, the last two services i went there (20,000 and 25,000 km)...they had no stock of the fuel filter! So until now....i not yet change! Razz

I think my next service...i will send to Glenmarie (30,000km - major service)!
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PostSubject: Re: Service your car   

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Service your car
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